3Com Cable Assemblies

Custom Computer Cables is the source for cables used with the full range of 3Com® equipment and can supply or create a wide selection of cables for 3Com datacom and telecom products including, but not limited to, those listed below.

Don’t see yours on the list? These are just a sample of the most frequently requested 3Com cables. Give us a call at 972-638-9309 and we will do our best to help.
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  • TELCO to RJ-45 Octopus Cables
  • Flex-WAN V.35, RS449, RS530, X.21 Cables
  • 60-pin LFH Connector Cables
  • Cisco Equivalent / Cisco Pinout Cables
  • Null Modem Cable Assemblies
  • AUI Ethernet Transceiver Cables
  • Superstack Cascade Cables
  • HUB Expansion Cable Assemblies

{tab=3Com Part Numbers}
The table below shows some of their most frequently requested 3Com cable part numbers.

If the 3Com cable part number you are looking for is not listed, or you do not have a part number, please call us at 972-638-9309 or contact us with the equipment you are interconnecting, and we will provide you with the right cable, equal to the original, but at a fraction of the cost.

3C-16420 3C-6196 3C-89007
3C-16421 3C-6197 3C-89008
3C-16422 3C-6198 3c-89009
3C-16695 3C-625 3C-89010
3C-16965 3C-6270 3C-89011
3C-219 3C-62904 3C-89012
3C-409001 3C-62909 NC 3C-89013
3C-510507 3C-62911 3C-89014
3C-510509 3C-63922 3C-89015
3C-511107 3C-63923 3C-89016
3C-511115 3C-7580 3C-89017
3C-511172 3C-8035 3C-89018
3C-6101 3C-8200C 3C-89020
3C-6102 3C-89001 3C-89022
3C-6106 3C-89002 3C-PC-COMBO-CBL
3C-6107 3C-89003 3C–TP-CBL
3C-6193 3C-89004 3C-PCTP
3C-6194 3C-89005 589B-COAX-CABLE
3C-6195 3C-89006 589B-COMBO-CABLE

{tab=Ordering Information}
To order 3Com cables, adapters and accessories please call our experienced Sales and Tech Support Team at 972-638-9309 or send us a message and someone will promptly contact you. We will provide you with all the cables you require, and also with expert technical assistance if needed.

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