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Custom Computer Cables is the source for cables used with a wide range of HP equipment and can supply or create a wide selection replacement HP Hewlett Packard cables including, but not limited to, those listed below.

Don’t see yours on the list? Give us a call at 972-638-9309 – the cables listed below are the most frequently requested cable types, however we can assist with most all of your HP Cable needs and we will do our best to help.
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HP power cables »

hp data cable – 24 pin Centronics cable
hp dv6000 power button cable
hp dv6000 power cable
hp dv9000 power cable
hp pavilion dv6000 power button switch cable
hp pavilion dv6000 power cable
hp pavilion dv9000 power cable
hp pavillion power cable
hp centonics cable

HP printer cables »

hp bitronics parallel cable
hp 1100 laser printer cable
hp 1100 laserjet cable
hp 1100 laserjet printer cable
hp 1100 printer cable
hp 1100a cable
hp 3150 printer cable
hp 4500 printer cable
hp 4550 printer cable
hp 4600 cable
hp 4600 parallel cable
hp 4600 printer cable
hp 48g cable
hp 48gx cable
hp c4480 cable
hp c4480 printer cable
hp c4480 usb cable
hp deskwriter cable
hp dv6000 cable
hp ieee 1284 cable
hp jetdirect cable
hp laserjet 1000 cable
hp laserjet 1000 printer cable
hp laserjet 1100 cable
hp laserjet 1100 parallel cable
hp laserjet 1100 printer cable
hp laserjet 1100a cable
hp laserjet 1300 cable
hp laserjet 2100 cable
hp laserjet 2100 printer cable
hp laserjet 3100 cable
hp laserjet 3100 printer cable
hp laserjet 3150 cable
hp laserjet 4l cable
hp laserjet 6p cable
hp laserjet ieee 1284 printer cables
hp psc 500 cable
hp psc 500 cables
hp psc 500 printer cable
hp scanjet cable
hp48 cable

HP usb cables »

hp 1100 printer cable usb
hp 1100 usb cable
hp c4400 usb cable
hp deskjet d1560 usb cable
hp deskjet f2200 usb cable
hp deskjet f2210 usb cable
hp deskjet f4280 usb cable
hp f2210 usb cable
hp usb 2.0 printer cable
hp usb cable
hp usb cable c6518a
hp usb cable q6264a
hp usb cables
hp usb printer cable
hp usb printer cables

HP all in one cables »

hp all in one media cable
hp all in one printer cable
hp all in one printer usb cable
hp laserjet 1100 usb cable
hp laserjet 1200 usb cable
hp psc 500 usb cable
hp xc1000 media cable
hp xc1000 all in one media cable
hp xc2000 media cable
hp zv5000 media cable

Other HP cable types »

hp appletalk interface cable
hp battery cable
hp bitronics parallel cable
hp bluetooth cable
hp cable adapter
hp ethernet cx4 cable
hp dv9000 lcd cable
hp expansion cable
hp expansion port 3 cable
hp expansion port cable
hp ipaq cable
hp ir cable
hp jetdirect print server cable
hp laptop cables
hp laptop video cable
hp media cable
hp mini expansion port cable
hp network cable
hp notebook all in one media cable
hp notebook power cable
hp parallel cable adapter
hp parallel to usb cable
hp printer cable adapter
hp printer cable to usb
hp s cable
hp security cable
hp tv tuner cable
hp internal SCSI cables
hp external SCSI cables
hp scanner cables
hp V.35 WAN cables and adapters

{tab=HP Part Numbers}
Custom Computer Cables is your source for Hewlett Packard OEM equivalent cables, HP adapters and HP cable assembly equivalents. The table below shows some of the most frequently requested Hewlett Packard cable part numbers.

If the HP cable part number you are looking for is not listed, or you do not have a part number, please call us at 972-638-9309 or contact us with the equipment you are interconnecting, and we will provide you with the right cable, equal to the original, but at a fraction of the cost.

HP 02333-60008 HP 28606-63008 HP 92216C HP C2925-A
HP 07221-60157 HP 28659-63005 HP 92218D HP C2926-A
HP 108333C HP 30062-60018 HP 92219G HP C2932A
HP 0960-0881 HP 30062-60020 HP 92219H HP C2933A
HP 0960-0895 HP 30062B HP 92219J HP C2945-A
HP 10833A HP 30062C HP 92219K HP C2946-A
HP 10833B HP 30062D HP 92219M HP C2947-A
HP 10833C HP 30152-60001 HP 92219N HP C2950-A
HP 10833D HP 30154-60001 HP 92219Q HP C2951-A
HP 10834A HP 31391A HP 92219R HP C2956-A
HP 13222-60001 HP 31391B HP 92219S HP C2957-A
HP 13222N HP 40242-60005 HP 92219T HP C2958-A
HP 13232J HP 40242-60007 HP 92219U HP C2959-A
HP 13242-60001 HP 40242-60009 HP 92221M HP C2960-A
HP 13242-60004 HP 40242-60024 HP 92221P HP C2961-A
HP 13242-60010 HP 40242-60026 HP 92222-A HP C2962-A
HP 13242-60011 HP 40242G HP 92224-M HP C2975-A
HP 13242-90007 HP 40242M HP 92224M HP C2980-A
HP 13242-90013 HP 40242P HP 92227A HP C4033-A
HP 13242D HP 40242X HP 92227A HP C5644
HP 13242G HP 45114A HP 98561-61604 HP C5666-A
HP 13242H HP 45529A HP 98561-61604 HP C5679-A
HP 13242N HP 45529B HP 98642-66505 HP C5766-A
HP 13242P HP 45911-60009 HP 98642-66506 HP D-1184A
HP 13242X HP 5061-4977 HP 98642-66507 HP D-2042-G
HP 17255D HP 5062-3370 HP 98642-66508 HP D3635-A
HP 17255F HP 5062-3383 HP C2955-A HP D3636-B
HP 17255M HP 5180-0010 HP C2960-A HP D-3637-A
HP 17302A HP 5181-8686 HP C3061-A HP D3637-C
HP 17320A HP 5181-8687 HP C3066-A HP D3638-A
HP 17355A HP 5181-8690 HP C3635A HP D3639-A
HP 17355D HP 5181-9816 HP C3726-A HP D4282-A
HP 17355F HP 5182-4550 HP C1125-A HP D5954-A
HP 17355M HP 5182-5532 HP C2073A HP D6020-A
HP 17455A HP 5182-6733 HP C2809A HP D7131-A
HP 17855A HP 5182-6746 HP C2900-A HP E7722-A
HP 17855M HP 5182-6746 HP C2904-A HP E7798-A
HP 24542-D HP 8120-5021 HP C2905-A HP F1118-A
HP 24542-G HP 8120-5022 HP C2906-A HP F1182-80001
HP 24542-M HP 8120-5160 HP C2908-A HP K2281
HP 24542D HP 8120-5517 HP C2911-A HP K2284
HP 24542G HP 8120-8327 HP C2912-A HP K2286
HP 24542H HP 8120-8432 HP C2912-B HP K2287
HP 27113-63002 HP 922155 HP C2913-A HP K2294
HP 2805-8006 HP 92215A HP C2914-A HP K2296A
HP 28606-63003 HP 92215F HP C2915-A HP K2297A
HP 28606-63005 HP 92215S HP C2924-A

{tab=Ordering Information}
To order cables, adapters and accessories please call our experienced Sales and Tech Support Team at 972-638-9309 or send us a message and someone will promptly contact you. We will provide you with all the cables you require, and also with expert technical assistance if needed.

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