IBM Cable Assemblies

Custom Computer Cables supplies or manufactures custom cables supporting IBM ® data and voice communications technology and equipment.

The following IBM cable types and IBM part numbers are provided to assist with locating your specific IBM cable needs. However, if the cable you require is not listed, please give us a call at 972-638-9309 and we will assist with sourcing a solution for you.

{tab=IBM Cable Types}

  • IBM token ring cables and media adapters
  • RISC 6000, RS/6000 cables
  • Multiport interface cables
  • BUS and TAG cables, blue and gray
  • LIC type 1, 2, 3, 4 cables
  • IBM 3745 type cables, AS/400
  • PS/2 video, mouse and monitor cables
  • Printer cables and interposers
  • KVM cables

{tab=IBM Part Numbers}

The table below shows some of their most frequently requested IBM cable part numbers.

If the IBM cable part number you are looking for is not listed, or you do not have a part number, please call us at 972-638-9309 or contact us with the equipment you are interconnecting, and we will provide you with the right cable, equal to the original, but at a fraction of the cost.

024-7429 33F-5639 639-8695 88G-5746
024-7434 33G-2760 639-8737 88G-5746
03F-4913 33G-8881 639-8780 88G-5747
03F-4914 54F-0488 639-8782 88G-5749
033-4915 54F-0489 639-8783 88G-5750
03F-4945 54F-0490 639-8787 884-5750
03F-4946 58X-9195 639-8789 92F-0321
033-4947 58X-9198 640-3394 92F-0322
03F-4948 589-9198 640-5422 923-0324
03F-4949 58X-9344 648-6685 923-0326
03F-5025 58X-9345 654-6887 929-7323
03F-5026 58X-9346 65X-8985 94G-4673
03F-5027 58X-9347 65X-9522 944-4673
03F-5028 58X-9348 65X-9900 954-9907
11F-4816 58X-9349 70F-9733 95G-9907
11F-4837 58X-9354 70F-9733 BC55D-50
113-4837 58X-9484 70F-9734 CABLE-A
11F-4838 58X-9485 70G-9264 CABLE-AS
113-4838 58X-9486 704-9859 CABLE-C
114-4958 58X-9487 70X-8698 CABLE-E
12G-8059 58X-9488 71F-0162 CABLE-I
15G-8749 58X-9520 173-0162 CABLE-K
173-0162 59F-4533 71G-2590 CABLE-KK
173-3822 59G-9004 713-0164 CABLE-NB
173-6733 608-1308 729-8537 CABLE-NC
194-4863 608-9077 74G-8526 CABLE-ND
194-4864 608-9075 74G-8527 CABLE-NG
25F-8490 609-1075 783-7396 CABLE-NH
266-7737 61X-3229 783-7397 CABLE-NL
26F-0317 639-8657 783-7398 CABLE-RA
26F-0320 639-8658 783-7399 CABLE-S
26F-1428 639-8660 783-7400 CABLE-T1
26F-1429 639-8662 793-3210 CABLE-T2
26F-1794 639-8665 79X-3795 CABLE-T3
26F-1795 639-8666 818-6170 CABLE-T7
26F-1801 639-8667 831-0553 CABLE-U
31F-4221 639-8668 850-9386 CABLE-V
31F-4222 639-8670 864-2550 CABLE-X
32G-0397 639-8671 864-2552 CABLE-XX
32G-0399 639-8672 87G-1356

{tab=Ordering Information}
To order IBM cables, adapters and accessories please call our experienced Sales and Tech Support Team at 972-638-9309 or send us a message and someone will promptly contact you. We will provide you with all the cables you require, and also with expert technical assistance if needed.

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