Kentrox Cable Assemblies

Custom Computer Cables is the source for cables used with the full range of Kentrox® equipment and can supply or create a wide selection of cables for Kentrox datacom and telecom products including, but not limited to, those listed below.

Don’t see yours on the list? These are just a sample of the most frequently requested Kentrox cables. Give us a call at 972-638-9309and we will do our best to help.
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  • COAX Cables
  • CYNCH Connector Cables
  • RG59 BNC to BNC Cables
  • RJ-48H T1 Cable Assemblies
  • DB15 / DA15, RJ45 T1 Cables
  • CSU RS530 Cable Adapters
  • HSSI Interface Cables

{tab=Kentrox Part Numbers}
The table below shows some of their most frequently requested Kentrox cable part numbers.

If the Kentrox cable part number you are looking for is not listed, or you do not have a part number, please call us at 972-638-9309 or contact us with the equipment you are interconnecting, and we will provide you with the right cable, equal to the original, but at a fraction of the cost.

77850 930-10-132 930XX-061 950-XX-061
77891 930-10151 930XX-071 950-XX-066
77892 930-15151 930XX-101 950-XX-070
788-893 930-25-142 930XX-111 950-XX-073
78890 930-25151 93XXX-151 950-XX-074
78892 930-50151 950-04-090 950-XX-085
78899 930-XX-061 950-05-023 950-XX-086
78893-001 930-XX-071 950-06-022 950-XX-088
789-05-001 930-XX-081 950-10-044 950-XX-091
78900-001 930-XX-091 950-10-046 950-XX-094
78903-001 930-XX-121 950-10-053 95010-058
78904 930-XX-131 950-10-054 95010-065
78905 930-XX-132 950-XX-024 950-10-098
78906 930-XX-141 950-XX-042 950XX-061
78909 930-XX-142 950-XX-047 960-10-009
930-05-142 930-XX-143 950-XX-052 960-10-010
930-05151 930-XX-241 950-XX-055 960-10-11

{tab=Ordering Information}
To order Kentrox cables, adapters and accessories please call our experienced Sales and Tech Support Team at 972-638-9309 or send us a message and someone will promptly contact you. We will provide you with all the cables you require, and also with expert technical assistance if needed.

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