Sun Cable Assemblies

Custom Computer Cables supplies or manufactures custom cables supporting Sun® data and voice communications technology and equipment.

The following Sun cable types and Sun part numbers are provided to assist with locating your specific Sun cable needs. However, if the cable you require is not listed, please give us a call at 972-638-9309 and we will assist with sourcing a solution for you.

{tab=Sun Cable Types}

  • Sun Video Cables
  • 13W3 Monitor Cables
  • Keyboard Extender Cables
  • SCSI Adapter Cables
  • AUI Transceiver Cables

{tab=Sun Part Numbers}

The table below shows some of their most frequently requested Sun cable part numbers.

If the Sun cable part number you are looking for is not listed, or you do not have a part number, please call us at 972-638-9309 or contact us with the equipment you are interconnecting, and we will provide you with the right cable, equal to the original, but at a fraction of the cost.

150-1785 530-1870 X903-A
150-1890 530-1884 X904-A
530-1359 530-1885 X907-A
530-1365 530-1886 X908-A
530-1434 530-2021 X931-A
530-1435 530-2053 X931-H
530-1446 530-2096 X932-A
530-1501 530-2097 X973-A
530-1503 530-2115 X975-A
530-1662 530-2129 X976-A
530-1788 530-2228 X977-A
530-1793 530-2357 X979-A
530-1812 530-2453 X980-A
530-1829 X3835-A X981-A
530-1836 X3838-A X984-A
530-1852 X3860-A X985-A
530-1856 X467A X987-A
530-1857 X470-A X988-A
530-1861 X901-A
530-1869 X902-A

{tab=Ordering Information}
To order Sun cables, adapters and accessories please call our experienced Sales and Tech Support Team at 972-638-9309 or send us a message and someone will promptly contact you. We will provide you with all the cables you require, and also with expert technical assistance if needed.

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