Vince Schlueter promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing

CCCoA is very pleased to announce the promotion of Vince Schlueter to Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Vince joined the company in November, 2009 and until now has held the position of Strategic Account Manager.

Vince’s past performance has been influential in the continuation of CCCoA’s impressive sales accomplishments. These accomplishments are continuing through both sales team development and customer relationship development. Vince is known for his ability to be a team leader, team member, and problem solver.

CCCoA views relationship continuity and customer satisfaction as very important factors for the company’s long-term success. We look forward to Vince using his ability to increase our dedication to these factors and to drive sales to achieve our sales goals as well as increasing our marketing footprint in his new role as our Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Congratulations, Vince!!

Jay Chenault

President & CEO