Custom Cable Manufacturing

Custom Computer Cables has been a leader in custom cable manufacturing since 1978, serving the communication, computer, voice and data, audio-video, security, industrial and military industries with the highest-quality, custom cable products and services.

With a commitment to on-time delivery and competitive pricing, Custom Computer Cables' custom manufactured cable products is also backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. From short runs to production, Custom Computer Cables' customers are delighted with our quick turnaround times, flexibility and customer service.

Custom Cable Manufacturing

Copper Cable Assemblies

Custom Computer Cables is a leading manufacturer of custom copper assemblies with decades of experience in designing and delivering custom copper cable assemblies that are…

  • • Designed precisely to your specifications
  • • Built with the highest quality components and standards
  • • Competitively priced and delivered on time
  • • Backed by a lifetime warranty

Custom Computer Cables’ manufacturing plant is located in Plano, TX, with the ability to manufacture a wide-variety of custom cable assemblies, from short runs to high volume production orders.

Custom Cable Assemblies

Custom Computer Cables’ cabling solutions include, but are not limited to, the following capabilities. Contact us with your custom cable assembly needs and our friendly and knowledgeable in-house technical staff will assist you in finding a cost-effective, high-quality cabling solution for most any need.

Cable & Wire Harness

Custom Computer Cables manufactures an extensive line of cable and wire harnesses for applications across numerous industries including electro-mechanical, communications, industrial and military. From highly-customized wire harnesses to custom cable assemblies, our wire harness manufacturing experience spans the largest diversity of types and sizes of wire, solder and crimp terminals and pins, as well as electrical & electronic components.

Affordable, High-Quality Wire Harnesses

Custom Computer Cables specializes in delivering competitively-priced, high-quality wire harnesses. Our in-house engineering, design, and prototyping capabilities enable us to provide quick turnarounds while using tight quality controls with strict adherence to customer specifications. Working with Custom Computer Cables is a simple, efficient process, with pre-sale and post-sale technical specialists available to answer questions and ensure your wire harnesses are delivered on-time and with zero defects.

  • • Industrial Wiring Harnesses
  • • RF Coax Cables
  • • Power Supply Harnesses
  • • Electromechanical Wire Harnesses
  • • Custom Video Cables
  • • Antenna Cables
  • • Customer Spec Cables & Harnesses

Internal Cabling & Wire Harness Partnerships

If you are developing a new product or sub-assembly that requires internal cabling or wire harnesses, we would like to be your development partner. We use our extensive industry experience to develop prototypes, recommend options and discuss standards and regulatory requirements. CCC is globally connected to support the lowest total cost of ownership for all of our partners.

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Custom Computer Cables’ fiber optic cable assembly products are designed for your specific need and application using high-quality fiber optic cables and fiber optic connectors. Our flexibility, adherence to quality standards and testing, plus experience with customers across multiple industries and applications, ensures our customers of receiving the highest quality fiber optic cable product from a US-based manufacturer.


Custom Computer Cables offers a wide range of off-the-shelf and custom fiber optic cables, fiber optic pigtails, fiber optic splitters, connectors and other fiber optic products. This enables a high degree of flexibility in developing customized solutions for customers.

Quality Assurance and Testing Standards

All Fiber Optic assemblies are subjected to stringent design, manufacturing and quality assurance testing to ensure production of the highest quality fiber optic assemblies. All process’ are based on GR326 Telcordia Standards.

    Fiber Optic Cable Assembly: Capacity, Testing, Lead-Times

  • • 2500 Terminations Per Day is a baseline capacity
  • • Automated Fiber Polishers-MM and SM

    Fiber Optic Cable Assembly: Testing Standards

  • • 4x Video scope
  • • -.5dB insertion loss guaranteed
  • • -.3dB insertion loss typical
  • • UPC -55 dB back-reflectance standard
  • • GR326 Telcordia Standards Compliance

    Fiber Optic Cable Assembly: Quality Control

  • • Inline Quality Control
  • • Final packaging Quality Control
  • • 100% product Testing

    Fiber Optic Cable Assembly: Products

  • • Attenuators
  • • Adaptors
  • • Patch Panels
  • • Connectors/Boots
  • • Pulling Eyes
  • • Cassettes
  • • Fusion Pigtails
  • • Splice Trays
  • • 1 Click Cleaners
  • • Mode Conditioning

Industries and Applications

Custom Computer Cables’ flexibility and customization capabilities support fiber optic cable assembly solutions across a wide-range industries including telecommunications, manufacturing, medical, military, government, data storage, commercial and industrial applications.

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly Products

Custom Computer Cables is your one stop source for all fiber optic cable assembly products and solutions. Many commonly requested fiber optic cables, optical fiber connectors and associated fiber optic solution options are listed below, however, contact us with your specific fiber optic requirements and we will quickly customize a specific solution for your needs.

OEM Equivalents

Custom Computer Cables has provided high-quality OEM Equivalent cable products to the public – from individuals to Fortune500 companies – for decades.
Simply contact us or give us a call at 972-638-9309 with either the manufacturer’s cable part numbers you require or the specific equipment you need to interconnect with, and our friendly technical specialists will assist you.

OEM Cable Equivalents

Custom Computer Cables designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of OEM equivalent cables for interconnecting computers, telecom equipment, peripherals, routers, DSU/CSUs, bridges and switches. We are experts in solving the cabling needs associated with top communications equipment manufacturers such as:

  • • Adtran
  • • Ascend
  • • Bay & Nortel Networks
  • • Cisco
  • • Codex
  • • DEC/Compaq
  • • HP Hewlett Packard
  • • IBM
  • • Kentrox
  • • Paradyne
  • • Racal
  • • Sun
  • • 3Com

Military Spec Cables

Custom Computer Cables can manufacture custom military cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and connectors to meet the requirements associated with rugged, high performance military-grade cables.

Custom military cables are engineered to the unique specifications required from the aerospace and defense industries. Please contact us or phone us at 972-638-9309 to discuss your military cable project.