Kitting, also called custom cable assmebly or bundling services, ensures that multiple locations receive the same supplies that are needed for a specific project. Kits can include a wide range of materials ranging from equipment, cables and instructions - even the tools needed for an installation.

From simple to complex, kits are created to your custom specifications. The process can be fully-outsourced or inventory can be shipped to our warehouse for the kitting and shipping processes to occur.

    Kitting Services Include:

  • • Procurement of kit inventory (equipment, accessories, instructions, tools, etc.)
  • • Inventory management
  • • Labeling and repacking
  • • Kit assembly and packaging
  • • Shipment to locations
  • • On-demand kit distribution (kits are built, stored and shipped on request)

Kitting Services Examples

    Custom Computer Cables has produced and shipped thousands of kits for customers for a wide range of uses. Examples include:

  • Security /CCTV package. All supplies and instruction are procured and bundled, then shipped as each new store opens for easy installation of security equipment.
  • Communications or computer equipment. All equipment, down to the tie-wraps and flashlight, are packaged and shipped, arriving before the installation technician, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation.
  • Promotional & POS material. Monthly promotional & POS materials are packaged and shipped to store locations, arriving precisely before the promotion begins.
  • Our services are custom and flexible, designed to efficiently and accurately fit your business needs. Contact us today with your kitting requirements.