Power & Power Supplies

Power Solutions

Custom Computer Cable has the equipment you need to power and protect your equipment. Protect computers, phone systems, audio/visual equipment, appliances and more with high quality, cost-effective uninterruptible power supplies.

  • • Individual computing power needs
  • • Servers and networking environments
  • • Telecom
  • • Data Storage Arrays

Power Equipment

Universal Power Supplies (UPS)

Protect computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment from unexpected power loss with a battery backup power solution.

Rack Mount Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Organize and secure server, networking and telecom equipment.

Power Surge Protectors & Power Strips

Protect computers and network equipment against lightning and surge damage.

Power Cords & Plugs

Wide variety of power cords and plugs including:

  • • Power cords
  • • Extension cords
  • • Power supply replacement cords
  • • Range cords
  • • Dryer cords
  • • Landscape lighting wire
  • • Major appliance cords
  • • Thermostat wire
  • • 3 Conductor Medicord – Hospital grade
  • • Original Equipment Cords: Unshielded and Shielded
  • • Retractile Cords
  • • Stranded Conductors
  • • Coiling Fan Cords
  • • And many more power cords and plugs. Call with those needed that are not listed.

Replacement UPS Batteries

Extend the operating life of older UPS systems.

Power Inverters

Harness battery power to efficiently power small electronics, appliances and equipment in mobile environments.


Long-life Lithium® AA or AAA and Alkaline AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V batteries available in small to bulk quantities.

Specialty Battery Types

Specialty battery types are available including:

  • • Power tool batteries
  • • Laptop batteries
  • • Cellular phone batteries
  • • iPod® batteries
  • • Rechargeable batteries
  • • Two-way radio batteries
  • • Cordless phone batteries
  • • PDA batteries
  • • Camera batteries
  • • Coin cell batteries and many more