With a team of experienced professionals, Custom Computer Cables offers service offerings designed to get projects completed easier, faster and with the best service and support possible. We provide one-stop resources with each project managed by skilled, knowledgeable professionals with a focus on quality and service excellence.

Custom Computer Services

Cable Installs & Integration


Custom Computer Cables’ cable and wiring professionals help customers design, build and install cabling infrastructures that support the broad range of voice and data technologies available today. From design to installation, each project is managed by skilled, knowledgeable professionals with a focus on quality and support.


Our experienced engineering team works with each client to understand current and anticipated needs, then creates a virtual site diagram using state of the art technology and design practices.

The resulting detailed specifications and drawings provide the foundation for developing the project plan and pre-installation site readiness requirements and determining the cable, equipment and associated supplies required for installation.

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Kitting Services

Kitting, also called bundling or assembly services, ensures that multiple locations receive the same supplies that are needed for a specific project. Kits can include a wide range of materials ranging from equipment, cables and instructions – even the tools needed for an installation.

From simple to complex, kits are created to your custom specifications. The kitting process can be fully-outsourced or inventory can be shipped to our warehouse for the kitting and shipping processes to occur.

Kitting services include:

  • • Procurement of kit inventory (equipment, accessories, instructions, tools, etc.)
  • • Inventory management
  • • Labeling and repacking
  • • Kit assembly and packaging
  • • Shipment to locations
  • • On-demand kit distribution (kits are built, stored and shipped on request)

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CCC Power

CCC Power is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of power distribution, power conversion and process control equipment, serving the industrial, military and commercial markets. Our in depth knowledge and hands on experience in power electronic, power distribution and process control design, provides our customer with innovative, and cost effective design concepts, that can meet their wide range of control and distribution applications.

  • • Engineering and design capabilities
  • • CAD created drawings
  • • Power simulation
  • • Prototype testing
  • • System power calculations

Data Center & Cloud

CCCOA’ s Data Center Division specializes in faster, easier & money saving data center/cloud cabling solution solutions.

We will simplify and speed up you deployments by up to 40% with our services:

  • • Do It Yourself custom wiring solutions
  • • Cat5e/6 cables
  • • Fiber Jumpers
  • • SFP+/QSFP+
  • • Custom Wire kits
  • • Rack cable bundles
  • • Pre-Wired Racks
  • • Trunk Fiber

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